Arab Coalition Targets Iran Revolutionary Guard Experts In Sanaa
RIYADH: The Arab coalition struck Iranian Revolutionary Guard experts in Yemen’s capital, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The coalition asked civilians in Sanaa not to gather near the targeted sites. The operation complies with international humanitarian law and its customary rules, the coalition said. The coalition has hit a... Read more
Arab Coalition Carries Out 15 Strikes Against Houthi Militants In Marib
RIYADH: The Arab Coalition on Monday said it carried out 15 attacks against the Houthi militia in Yemen’s Marib and al-Jawf over the past 24 hours. At least 85 Houthi members were killed and 12 vehicles were destroyed in those attacks, Al Arabiya TV reported.   Source: Read more
Morocco Halts France Flights Amid Coronavirus Spike
RABAT: Morocco has decided to suspend flights to and from France, where daily coronavirus infections are rising, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. “This decision will go into effect on November 26 at 23:59 p.m. local time and until further notice,” the ministry said in a statement carried by... Read more
Arab Coalition Hits Military Targets In Yemen’s Sanaa
RIYADH: The Arab coalition said it conducted airstrikes on camps and military targets in Sanaa, state TV reported on Thursday. The coalition said it used preventive measures to spare civilians and civilian objects from collateral damage, adding the “operation in Sanaa was in compliance with international humanitarian law and... Read more
Arab Coalition Strikes Houthi Drone Lab In Yemeni Capital
RIYADH: The Arab coalition on Wednesday said it had targeted legitimate military sites in Yemen’s capital. The coalition said that a building under construction had been targeted because it was used for the manufacturing of explosive-laden drones. Drones remain the primary choice of weapon for the Iran-back Houthi militia... Read more
UN Security Council Calls On Houthis To End US Embassy Raid, Release Hostages
NEW YORK: The UN Security Council condemned “in the strongest terms” the Houthis’ ongoing breach of the former US embassy compound in Sanaa, calling on the Iran-backed militia to immediately withdraw their militants from the premises and release the detainees. The US had issued similar calls to the Houthis... Read more
Field Military Leader Among 11 Houthis Killed In Hodeidah Fighting
AL-MUKALLA: At least 11 Houthis, including a field military leader, were killed during the last three days in heavy fighting with government forces in flashpoints in Yemen’s western city of Hodeidah, officials told Arab News. Inspired by their opponents’ sudden withdrawal from a large swath of land in Hodeidah,... Read more
Houthi Missiles Hit Mocha As UN Yemen Envoy Visits City
AL-MUKALLA: Three missiles fired by the Iran-backed Houthis on Wednesday struck Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Mocha during a visit by the UN’s special envoy to the country. Residents claimed three large explosions had rocked areas on the edge of the city, causing damage to private properties. “The... Read more
Arab Nations Condemn Houthi Attacks On Saudi Arabia’s Southern Region
DUBAI: The Arab world has condemned the recent attempted attacks on Saudi Arabia by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia on Wednesday. The militia group deliberately targeted civilian areas in Saudi’s southern region using three ballistic missiles, which air defense teams intercepted and destroyed. In a statement published on state news... Read more
US, UN Call For De-Escalation In Yemen’s Marib
LONDON: An alliance between Ankara and Addis Ababa is fueling concerns that Turkish drones will be used in Ethiopia’s escalating civil war. AL-MUKALLA: The US and the UN called on the Iran-backed Houthis to stop their deadly offensive on Yemen’s central city of Marib and comply with peace efforts... Read more