Iraqi Leader Barham Salih Tells UNGA: ‘Corruption and Terrorism Work in Tandem’
NEW YORK: Cooperation and solidarity is the world’s “only choice” in the fight against global terrorism, Iraqi President Barham Salih said. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Salih told fellow world leaders that his country had been dogged by wars and genocides over the past 40 years. “We have... Read more
Libyan Leader to Hold International Conference on Country’s Security, Stability
WASHINGTON: The chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya on Thursday said he would be staging an international conference next month to gain backing for efforts to bring stability and security to the country. Mohammed Al-Menfi revealed that security, military, and economic issues would top the agenda of the... Read more
COVID-19, Palestine and Iranian Nukes Feature in First Day of UN General Assembly Speeches
The leaders of the US, Egypt and Turkey raised the issue of Palestinian rights and statehood, and called for a just and comprehensive solution JERUSALEM: A new poll has found that nearly 80 percent of Palestinians want President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, reflecting widespread anger over the death of... Read more