Winter Rain Floods Gaza Homes Damaged In Last Spring’s War
BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip: The first rainstorm of winter sent water pouring into Ghalia Al-Attar’s house through cracks in the walls and tin roof, as the widow, her children and grandchildren spread buckets across the floor. Their home was among tens of thousands that were damaged during the 11-day... Read more
Israel Starts Vaccinating Young Children As Coronavirus Cases Rise
JERUSALEM: Israel began rolling out Pfizer/BioNtech COVID-19 vaccinations for 5- to 11-year-olds on Monday hoping to beat down a recent rise in coronavirus infections. A fourth wave of infections that hit Israel in June began subsiding in September. But over the past two weeks the “R”, or reproduction rate... Read more
Two Israeli Police Officers Stabbed, Palestinian Assailant Killed
JERUSALEM: A 16-year-old Palestinian stabbed two Israeli police officers in Jerusalem’s walled Old City on Wednesday before he was shot and killed by security forces at the scene, police said. The border police officers were lightly and moderately wounded, said a spokesperson for Israel’s ambulance service. Palestinian officials did... Read more
Israeli Appeals Court Upholds Ruling To Return Kidnapped Boy To Italy
JERUSALEM: An Israeli court on Thursday upheld a ruling to return to Italy a six-year-old boy, the sole survivor of an Italian cable car disaster who was kidnapped to Israel by his grandfather, Israel’s Justice Ministry said. Eitan Biran’s maternal grandfather had appealed against a Tel Aviv family court’s... Read more
Syria Reports Israel Air Raid On Military Post Near Damascus
BEIRUT: Syria’s military said Israel has carried out an air raid that hit a military post on the outskirts of the capital of Damascus early Wednesday, causing material damage. It was the second Israeli attack to target areas near the capital in four days. The earlier attack on Saturday... Read more
Renovation of Christianity’s Holiest Site Nears Completion
CHICAGO: Palestinian Christian Said Khoury was praying at the iconic Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem when drops of water trickled on his head from the roof above. Maybe it was a signal from God, or just a coincidence as the rains battered the Christian town that day in... Read more
UN Says Israel Move Designating Palestinian Groups as ‘Terrorist Organizations’ Unjustified
GENEVA: Israel’s designation of six leading Palestinian civil society groups as outlawed “terrorist organizations” is an unjustified attack, the UN human rights chief said Tuesday. The Jewish state said its move last week was due to their alleged financing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It... Read more
Israel Envoy To Brief US Over Ban On Palestinian Groups
TEL AVIV: Israel is sending an envoy to Washington amid a deepening rift with the Biden administration over six outlawed Palestinian rights groups, a Foreign Ministry official said Tuesday. Israel last week designated the prominent Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organizations, sparking international criticism and repeated assertions by... Read more
Israel Designates Six Palestinian Civil Society Groups As Terrorists
TEL AVIV: Israel on Friday designated six Palestinian civil society groups as terrorist organizations and accused them of funnelling donor aid to militants. The charge was rejected by human rights watchdogs who said the move will stifle monitoring of potential abuses. The designations authorize Israeli authorities to close the... Read more
Lebanon’s Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Drilling in Disputed Maritime Border Area
BEIRUT: The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah on Friday warned Israel against drilling for oil and gas in the disputed maritime border area between the two countries until the issue is resolved, and said the Iran-backed group would take action if it did so. “If the enemy thinks they can... Read more