Iran says UN Nuclear Watchdog’s Claim ‘Not Accurate’
TEHRAN: Iran on Monday rejected a complaint by the UN nuclear watchdog that it was blocked from a nuclear site, arguing that the facility was exempt from a recent agreement. The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Sunday it had been denied “indispensable” access to the TESA... Read more
EU says Tehran ready to resume nuclear talks at ‘early date’
BRUSSELS: The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Wednesday Iran’s top diplomat had assured him at their first meeting that Tehran was ready to restart talks on the nuclear deal soon. EU-mediated negotiations began in Vienna in April aimed at reviving a 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran... Read more
Houthis Not Willing To Make Peace, Yemen’s Parliament Leader Tells US Envoy
DUBAI: The Iran-backed Houthi militia are unwilling to make peace in Yemen and are actually undermining efforts for hostilities to cease in the conflict-ridden country, a senior Yemeni politician said. “We’re ready to achieve peace, but the Houthi militia has not yet agreed to do so, it has continued... Read more
COVID-19, Palestine and Iranian Nukes Feature in First Day of UN General Assembly Speeches
The leaders of the US, Egypt and Turkey raised the issue of Palestinian rights and statehood, and called for a just and comprehensive solution JERUSALEM: A new poll has found that nearly 80 percent of Palestinians want President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, reflecting widespread anger over the death of... Read more
Iran’s Fuel Shipments Violate Lebanon’s Sovereignty: PM Mikati
Lebanon’s new government said its permission was not sought regarding the import of Iranian diesel BEIRUT: Iranian fuel shipments imported into Lebanon by Hezbollah constitute a breach of the country’s sovereignty, Prime Minister Najib Mikati reiterated on Monday. Lebanon’s new government, which was backed by a parliamentary vote of... Read more
Saudi Arabia Calls for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy
The minister said the region needs to be free of weapons of mass destruction DUBAI: Saudi Arabia adheres to its policy for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, Al-Ekhbariya TV cited Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman as saying during a press conference on Monday. He added that... Read more