Arab Coalition Carries Out Air Strikes On Military Targets In Sanaa, Saada
DUBAI: The Arab coalition on Thursday carried out air strikes on military targets in Yemen’s Sanaa and Saada, Al-Arabiya TV reported. It further called on civilians not to approach the targeted sites. The coalition said the operation in Sanaa targeted one of the main stores of weapons and other... Read more
Morocco Halts France Flights Amid Coronavirus Spike
RABAT: Morocco has decided to suspend flights to and from France, where daily coronavirus infections are rising, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. “This decision will go into effect on November 26 at 23:59 p.m. local time and until further notice,” the ministry said in a statement carried by... Read more
Arab Coalition Hits Military Targets In Yemen’s Sanaa
RIYADH: The Arab coalition said it conducted airstrikes on camps and military targets in Sanaa, state TV reported on Thursday. The coalition said it used preventive measures to spare civilians and civilian objects from collateral damage, adding the “operation in Sanaa was in compliance with international humanitarian law and... Read more
Arab Coalition Warplanes Hit Military Locations In Houthi-Held Sanaa, Saada
AL-MUKALLA: Arab coalition warplanes on Wednesday night struck Houthi-controlled military sites in the Yemeni capital and Saada province, as government forces on the ground fought to push back the militia from Marib province. Coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki said military sites were targeted in Sanaa and Saada, where... Read more
Saudi Defenses Destroy Houthi Drone Targeting Jazan
KOTA BATU, Indonesia: Flash floods from torrential rains on Indonesia’s main island of Java killed at least five people and four others were missing, officials said Friday. DUBAI: Saudi defenses on Friday destroyed a Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia’s Jazan, Al-Arabiya TV reported citing the Arab coalition. The Kingdom’s... Read more
Houthi’s Boat Attacks Pose Threat To Global Trade Lines at Red Sea
DUBAI: The Houthi militia’s planned attacks using explosive-rigged boats in the Red Sea pose a threat to global maritime trade lines in the area, Yemen’s information, culture and tourism minister Moammar Al-Eryani warned. The Arab coalition earlier said it destroyed four Houthi boats loaded with explosives during an airstrike... Read more
More Than 90 Houthis Killed, 16 Military Vehicles Destroyed in Coalition Strikes on Jubah and Al-Kassarah
JEDDAH: The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Friday it had killed at least 92 Houthi rebels in airstrikes on two districts near the strategic city of Marib. The deaths are the latest among hundreds that the coalition says have been killed in recent fighting around Marib, and... Read more