Gellify launches Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program in the Middle East Gellify launches Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program in the Middle East
Gellify Middle East, a multinational innovation platform managing digital transformations, has launched its Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program for companies in the Middle... Gellify launches Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program in the Middle East

Gellify Middle East, a multinational innovation platform managing digital transformations, has launched its Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program for companies in the Middle East and Africa.

(September 6, 2021 – Middle East) – The DIFT program is aimed at helping companies identify innovative ideas within their own organization and bring products and services to market within eight weeks instead of several months. It builds stakeholder digital awareness, enabling companies harness ideas and technologies by collaborating within the organization and also externally with an ecosystem.

“Traditionally, innovative ideas wither away in organizational silos, rarely reaching the market in time to cause disruption. The DIFT program is specifically designed for businesses in the Middle East and will enable companies through a structured methodology to rapidly bring ideas to a viable product stage,” says Massimo Cannizzo, the CEO and co-founder of Gellify Middle East.

“The launch of DIFT comes at a time when businesses in the Middle East need the speed and the ability to scale innovations at a faster pace than ever before. Businesses are looking to align with the digitalization goals of each of the governments in the region and to prepare for a future of digital and other disruptions. What better place than to look within the organization and foster an innovation culture that will ensure a sustainable and robust innovation pipeline?” adds Cannizzo.

The DIFT program instils entrepreneurship methodologies and skills inside companies and enables them to build relevant business models. The unique on-the-job training approach, design thinking and a digital collaboration platform along with toolkits and digital content help companies quickly funnel innovative ideas into structured projects that result in working prototypes.

Gellify’s unique building blocks for driving innovation has helped B2B companies in Europe mine their own talent to rapidly create sustainable and scalable capabilities for innovations in processes and build new products and services. These innovations are enabling the businesses to stay ahead in disruptive markets. The building blocks include using agile to implement innovative projects, design thinking, and LEGO SP combined with old style management consulting, coding and even field work. The company’s network of more than 11000 innovators gives clients access to a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies that can be adopted easily to extract business value.

Many of Gellify’s clients are reaping the benefits of successful corporate venturing and intrapreneurship, achieving a robust corporate culture for innovation. Using Gellify’s expertise, they have built new models, developed strategic resources while also expanding existing businesses.

Like every high school graduate, are you also looking for a University where you can finally kick off your journey towards professional success? Unlike other institutions that are focusing on just offering quality degrees, Capital University College goes beyond and produces graduates who excel academically and are equipped with relevant skills by their initiative to offer guaranteed internships through their corporate collaborations.

Additionally, the University is working parallelly to make students aware of various sustainable initiatives and be an active member in instilling further awareness. The University is one of the 800 select signatories of Principles Management for Sustainable Education (PRME), a UN-driven initiative to support and develop ways to incorporate sustainability in one’s day-to-day lives.

Moreover, the University is associated with the prestigious EAUC – The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education as a prominent signatory member. The institution has become a part of over 200 globally-renowned institutions intending to lead and empower the post-16 education sector and create further awareness amongst its students. This way, the University stands apart from being a typical education destination where students not just receive academic acclimation but are offered support throughout their professional journey through multiple networking platforms and nurtured into qualified, talented and empathetic individuals. Students of this University become a part of a thriving community of aspiring leaders of the future.

The University offers world-class programs in exclusive partnership with UK’s North Wales Business School Glyndwr University, USA’s Westcliff University, Italy’s Rome Business School and UK’s London College of Arts.

As the University hand-picked its partnership with global education powerhouses, students in return get the opportunity to earn international degrees from the comfort of their homes, engage with industry experts from around the globe, get guaranteed internships through their course of study and many other benefits. While students continue searching for a University that best suits their requirements, Capital University College prides itself on providing support in several areas. Some of them are listed below.

Dual/Triple qualifications

In line with Capital’s prestigious partnerships, the University offers a plethora of opportunities, be it in academia or at the professional level. The higher education provider offers programs ranging from short diplomas for creative minds to upskill to traditional undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. Unlike the other schools in UAE, Capital brings in the ideal balance of theory and practice, allowing students to become smart, independent, and successful associates in leading companies.

Additionally, the University believes in offering something tangible at the end of each year. For instance, students enrolled for a UK Bachelor program in Business, receive triple qualifications. This includes a Bachelor degree from North Wales Business School Glyndwr University, a Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and a Certified Business Manager from Qualifi, UK’s leading awarding body. Students who wish to earn an American degree can opt for a BAchelor in Business Administration (BBA) from California’s Westcliff University. Upon completion, they will receive an American degree along with a Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and a Certified Business Manager from Qualifi. On the Master’s level, Capital University College in partnership with Rome Business School offers triple qualification as well. This includes a Master degree from Rome Business School, a similar qualification from Valencia International University, Spain and a WES approved Level 7 Diploma in Business Strategy from Qualifi. With affordable tuition and more qualifications, Capital strives to provide quality-driven education.


What makes a higher education institution is its zest to go beyond education and offer something that will kick-start or upgrade their professional experience. If you are looking for such an educational outlook, look no further than Capital University College. Capital is well-versed in offering guaranteed internships where students can learn, nurture and add new skills to their resumes. Depending on the choice of field, be it business or fashion, all students will bag an opportunity to intern in leading corporations and work under industry specialists.

The University is proud of its corporate collaborations in the UAE as well as worldwide in line with their partnerships. Students who graduate from programs in partnership with Rome Business School can enjoy a high 96% placement rate and automatically become a part of a growing 13,500 alumni network. At Capital, they do not stop at just education but take a step ahead and support students through their careers as well.

Student visa & accommodation

Capital University College is home to not just regional students but also comprises a major chunk of international pupils. Their students hail from various countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many parts of Africa too. Since the pandemic, the University has worked on a faster approach to streamlining visa procedures, accommodation and support services for their students.

As pupils enrol into their desired program, they will be guided to the associates who will assist students to successfully secure a student visa and an accommodation that is cost-effective, closer to the campus and has all the necessary utilities. The University believes in acting as education pillars to their incoming students and intends to extend the support that goes beyond academic guidance. They believe this is the key reason to record a high number of international students. From affordable education, flexible learning modes to a smooth transition from a student to an executive, this education hub knows how to nourish the young talents of tomorrow.

Flexible study

Every higher education provider has set criteria for students to enrol into their program. This holds true, especially for postgraduate programs. Universities give exceptions to students who hold special circumstances. At Capital, the programs have many flexible options. For instance, students can expedite their higher education journey by completing their Bachelor program in just two years, which typically takes four years in other Universities. This way, the students can complete their degree faster and at much affordable tuition. Alternatively, professionals who are looking to earn a Bachelor and a Master degree can do so in just 36 months. In three years, the graduate would have essentially earned almost six international qualifications.

On the flip side, there are many people from the working class who have impressive work experience, however, do not hold a Bachelor’s degree. These professionals are eligible to apply for a UK MBA program without an undergraduate degree. They can simply apply under the ‘Mature Entry’ category wherein they will showcase their vast experience in the respective industry. This way, the University intends to support students who hold special conditions and yet earn international degrees right here in the UAE.

Multi-award winner

Along with an array of support offered by the University, the institution itself is a proud education destination that has won multiple awards for its academic excellence and initiatives undertaken that goes beyond the boundaries of study. In 2020, the University bagged four international awards that applauded its quality of academia, teaching style and being a pro-active player in creating awareness on sustainability. The awards include the Best Business School award in the UAE for 2020/21 at the recently held Prestige Awards, Best Emerging Business School of the year at the 2nd International Business and Academic Excellence (IBAE) Awards 2020, Best Educational Business and Fashion University of the year at the reputed MEA Business Awards 2020 and Education Excellence Award at Indian Achievers’ Awards 2020.

Today, opting for higher education can seem very risky considering the financial boundaries associated with it. However, when students choose the right University that caters to their requirements and make a smart decision, they often benefit from such globally-reputed qualifications. At Capital, they believe in adding value to a professional’s pathways while expanding their knowledge, skill-set and exposure on multiple platforms.



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