A380 future in doubt as Airbus meets with Emirates
The European plane maker Airbus has dropped a heavy hint that it may end its A380 superjumbo program. “Airbus confirms it is in discussions with Emirates Airline in relation to its A380 contract,” the manufacturer said in a short statement to the stock exchange Thursday. “Commercial discussions with customers... Read more
17 Tourist Attractions That You Should Avoid, According To Locals
“It’s just a street and it’s not worth it to spend time there. Overpriced restaurants, fully packed with people and also there’s pickpockets.” —sarabeltran “The most famous street in Spain and perhaps the world, La Rambla is the biggest let down in Barcelona. The 1.2km street connecting Plaça Catalunya... Read more
15 Products That Every Traveling Parent Needs
I’ve recommended the gb Pockit+ before, but it deserves another shout out since we really put it to the test on our latest trip. This stroller only weighs 12lbs and it can be folded into a tiny square that can fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment.... Read more
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37 Things You Have To Do In Sydney, Australia, Before You Die
Also known as bin chickens, tip turkeys, and dumpster chooks, Aussies love to hate ibises. Their nicknames come from their tendency to forage through rubbish bins, but it’s kind of unfair since they’re just adapting to the loss of their natural habitat (thanks, humans). You’ll see plenty here, along... Read more
10 Of The Best Travel Destinations You Should Visit In 2019
Who’ll love it: foodies Why go in 2019: Juneau, Alaska, is having a foodie moment (I mean, why else would it be hosting the 2019 International Food Blogger Conference?). Focusing on fresh, local seafood and wild fruits, the food scene here is understated, delicious, and eco-friendly by nature. Be... Read more