Discover Great Parks and Green Spaces in the UK
Sensory playgrounds for children, a second world war airfield converted into a deer park, and an ever-changing stretch of coastline are among your favourites Lake placid … Chorlton water park, near Manchester city centre, at sunrise. Photograph: Peter Gettings/Alamy Winning tip: Turn Moss and Chorlton water park, Manchester Skirting... Read more
Dubai Airport to Welcome Over 70,000 Passengers This Saturday
This Saturday is expected to be a very busy day at Dubai International (DXB) airport with the number of arrivals expected to top 73,000. Residents and eligible visitors arriving at DXB are then advised to use the smart gates to speed through immigration and ease their journey, a Dubai... Read more
A Family Holiday on Denmark’s Ærø island
A Danish camping break … with three generations under canvas. It may not sound fun but this picturesque island makes it a memorable escape from ‘reality’ Helter shelter … colourful beach huts at Ærøskøbing, Ærø island, Denmark. Photograph: Alamy There’s a thrill attached to going somewhere by boat. An... Read more
Game of Thrones Contributes to a Surge in UAE Tourists to Ireland
The popularity of Game of Thrones, the hit TV series filmed in Ireland, has contributed to a surge in visitors from the UAE to the Emerald Isle in the first six months of 2019, according to Dnata Travel. Travel from the UAE to the island of Ireland has seen... Read more
Romania, a Beacon of Coexistence for Muslims in Eastern Europe
Prayers at the Grand Mosque of Constanta, which was built on the orders of Romanian King Carol I in 1910 Constanta, Romania – The Grand Mosque of Constanta in southeast Romania has a hulking minaret nearly 50 metres high overlooking the Black Sea.  It was constructed as... Read more
Beirut Airport Records Number of Passengers Depart in One Day
A record number of people departed Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport on Friday, said Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan. She said 22,800 travelers left the country, expressing in a tweet her “understanding” of the arduous wait in queues. “We will exert all possible efforts to overcome” the long lines at... Read more
The Completely Reasonable Reason People Are Flying With Mini Horses
Last week, after months of deliberation, the Department of Transportation released formal guidance regarding animals on planes. The 28-page document makes it clear that three types of service animals should be prioritized for travel: cats, dogs and miniature horses. Yes, miniature horses. The document repeatedly includes mini horses in... Read more
36 Hours in Santa Barbara County
With its Mission-style facades and showy tropical foliage, Santa Barbara could be a commercial for the California good life. It can be easy to underestimate the struggles of a place so seemingly flawless. But Santa Barbara has had a tough few years. From the devastating wildfires in 2017 and... Read more
Where the Resistance Helped Plan the Liberation of Paris
The tunnel to the subterranean bunker that played a pivotal role in the liberation of Paris is long and narrow, each step down deceptively steep. It takes 100 of those steps to reach the former military command post where, for six days, members of the French Resistance helped orchestrate... Read more
Russian Airplane Made an Emergency Landing in a Cornfield near Zhukovsky International Airport
The Airbus A321 passenger plane of Ural Airlines made an emergency landing in a cornfield near Zhukovsky International Airport A Russian passenger plane has performed an emergency landing near Moscow shortly after the take-off after striking a flock of birds that were sucked into its engines, the airline... Read more