BOULDER, Colo. — In December, a spacecraft named Hope was motionless in the middle of a large clean room on the campus of the University of Colorado, mounted securely on a stand. But engineers were tricking Hope — a foil-wrapped box about the size and weight of a Mini... Read more
  China’s ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, says Tory politicians opposed to Huawei playing a role in the UK’s 5G network are conducting “a witch-hunt”. Some senior Conservatives have written to Tory MPs to raise concerns about the government’s decision to give Huawei a role in the network.... Read more
The United States is pressuring allies in the West to ban Huawei. The Chinese tech giant provides world-leading technology for the next generation of mobile networks called 5G. However, the Trump administration has long accused Beijing of using it for spying. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants Britain... Read more
The UK government has decided to allow Huawei to continue to be in its 5G networks but with restrictions. The Chinese company will be banned from supplying equipment to “sensitive parts” of the network, known as the core. In addition, it will only be allowed to account for 35%... Read more
BEIJING – Chinese tech giants including ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and Huawei Technologies are working closely with the Communist Party to censor and surveil Uighur Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang, according to a report published on Thursday (Nov 28). New evidence of links between the security apparatus... Read more
JAXA scientists hope the samples contain carbon and organic matter that could explain how they are related to Earth Japan‘s Hayabusa2 spacecraft has departed from a distant asteroid, starting its yearlong journey home after successfully completing its mission to bring back soil samples and data that could... Read more
SHENZHEN (REUTERS) – Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies said on Tuesday (Nov 12) it will hand out 2 billion yuan (S$389 million) in cash rewards to staff working to help it weather a US trade blacklisting. The world’s largest telecoms equipment provider has said it has been trying to... Read more
Reuters/Sydney * Google misled Android users about location data, regulator says * Regulator seeks unspecified damages, public declarations * Regulator has called for sweeping law reform for big tech An Australian regulator has filed a lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google, accusing it of misleading smartphone users about how it... Read more
Technology used by engineers to listen for faults in bridges could be used to diagnose “noisy” arthritic knees, a study suggests. It involved a tiny microphone being attached to participants’ knees to pick up high-frequency sounds. Although not audible to humans, the waveforms can be analysed by computers to... Read more
From artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles, transformative science and technology has driven impactful change across the GCC countries in recent years. With regional governments now set to reduce oil dependency through policy and regulation change, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT) is... Read more