Instagram Rolls out Dark Mode for iPhone Users
Facebook-owned Instagram has updated its platform, adding support for iOS 13’s dark mode. The update turns the entire Instagram interface dark including the feed, stories, the discover tab and the new design is a mix of dark gray along with black colour, news portal iMore reported on Monday. Other... Read more
Twitter Apologizes to Its Users for Another Privacy Breach
In yet another privacy breach, Twitter has admitted that its users who provided email addresses or phone numbers for better security like two-factor authentication (2FA) on the platform were served with targeted ads. The personal data “may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes, specifically in our Tailored Audiences... Read more
US President Trump Slammed After Posting Sarcastic Comment on Fervent Greta Thunberg Speech
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit US President Donald Trump has ignited outrage on social media after posting what it seemed to be a sarcastic comment against teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. “She seems like a very happy young... Read more
The Conservative Party Has Been Targeting Older Facebook Users With Political Adverts About Brexit
The Conservative Party has been targeting older Facebook users with political adverts about Brexit, according to research by BBC News. In contrast, younger Facebook users are being shown ads by the party on issues such as policing and mental health. Tory adverts, mostly seen by users over 45, criticise... Read more
Facebook Rolls New Features to Video Capabilities
Aimed at video creators and publishers, Facebook has announced some new features to its video capabilities and now publishers will have more tools to use with its Watch Party and Creator Studio tools. The social networking giant made the announcement during a session at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)... Read more
New Algorithm Identifies Bullies on Twitter
Researchers have developed machine learning algorithms which can identify bullies and aggressors on Twitter. For the study published in the journal Transactions on the Web, the research team analysed the behavioural patterns exhibited by abusive Twitter users and their differences from other users. “We built crawlers – programs that... Read more
Meet The Influencer Paid $50K to Sleep in The World's Most Luxurious Hotels
An influencer has revealed he’s earned a staggering £44,000 in just 18 months after being paid to nap his way around the world in luxurious hotels.    Alex Shannon, 35, who was born in London but is now based in Los Angeles, launched his Instagram account @followthenap over a... Read more
Saudi Beauty Vlogger Sarah Al-Wadaani Shocks Followers With 'Lip Fillers'…
Saudi Beauty Vlogger Sarah Al-Wadaani posted a photo on Instagram revealing that she had her lips injected with fillers, including a new plastic surgery at the level of her mouth. Sarah appeared to be expressing her remorse for having her lips filled, as she did not expect she would... Read more
Facebook Suspends Netanyahu Campaign Bot for Hate Speech
JERUSALEM — Facebook suspended a chatbot operated by the official account of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for violating hate speech rules after it sent a message saying that Israel’s Arab politicians “want to destroy us all.” The message, which went out in the name of a Netanyahu... Read more
Russian-Swiss-Italian Influencer Under Fire for Downplaying 9/11 Attacks
A fashion influencer has come under fire for a caption which diminished the heartbreaking effect of 9/11. Xenia Tchoumi, 32, posted a photo of herself reclining against the New York City skyline – with One World Trade Center visible in the background – accompanied by the words ‘Making it... Read more