Video of Muslim Man Blocking Airplane Aisle Draws Ire of Islamic Twitter
Video of Muslim man praying in the aisle of an airplane causing inconvenience and then attacking the flight attendant has been circulating the internet. The video shows a Muslim man who chose the airplane’s aisle a place to perform his religious duty despite the fact that he blocked the aisle... Read more
WhatsApp Beta Starts Rolling Out ‘Fingerprint Lock’ Feature
After introducing the screen lock feature for iOS beta users more than three months ago, WhatsApp has now started rolling out a similar feature called “Fingerprint lock” for Android beta users, the media reported. When this feature is enabled, users will have to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp. But... Read more
Facebook Admits it Listened to Users’ Audio Messages to Improve its Voice Recognition Systems
Facebook recently agreed to pay a record $5bn fine to settle a US Federal Trade Commission data privacy inquiry Facebook has admitted it uses an external company to listen to audio messages sent between users in an attempt to improve its voice recognition systems. According to a... Read more
Saudi, UAE Twitter Users in a War-of-Words Over The ‘Aden Coup’
A social media war broke out between Saudi and Emirati supporters over the weekend, exposing a major rift in the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. The Twitter arguments started after UAE-backed separatists took over the southern port city of Aden, and even drew in senior Emirati figures, including Dubai’s... Read more
Facebook is Prepping the Launch of a ‘News Tab’
Facebook is prepping the launch of a “news tab” that could see media outlets paid millions of dollars in exchange for their content. News of the plan first appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday and was later confirmed by Facebook to CNBC, though the social networking giant... Read more
Twitter Admits Using User Data for Personalized Ads Without User’s Permission
Twitter Inc said on Tuesday that it may have used data for personalised ads without a user’s permission due to issues with the microblogging website’s settings. The company said it recently discovered those issues and fixed them on Monday, although it hasn’t yet determined who may have been impacted.... Read more
Twitter is Working on a ‘Snooze Button’ that can Pause Notifications from Hitting for your Phone
Twitter is working on a “snooze button” that can pause notifications from hitting for your phone, according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Wong, who mines app code for unreleased or upcoming features, first discovered the yet-to-be-released snooze button on August 4 while looking at the Twitter Android apps’... Read more
Memes of Saudi Women Running to Airport After Male Guardianship Cancelled
A year after Saudi Arabia has allowed women to get behind the wheel lifting a 30-year-old ban on women driving, women in Saudi Arabia are now celebrating a decision to allow women to travel abroad without male consent. The decision announced on Thursday indicated that Saudi women are now allowed... Read more
Creating an Online Review Management Strategy
Reviews for local businesses are everywhere. As consumers, we search for opinions and ask our friends for recommendations. From the business’ perspective, a review management strategy, or watching these reviews and knowing how to respond to them, is an important piece of your overall marketing strategy. They’re necessary to... Read more
9 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Possess
A social media manager can be a marketer, a strategist, a copywriter, a designer, an analyst and a customer service rep—sometimes all in one day. As someone who loves a challenge, that variety is one of the things that first drew me to working in social. Managing all of... Read more