A Shiite Holiday Turns Into a Test of Iranian Power in Iraq
KARBALA, Iraq — The annual ceremony commemorating a founding figure of Shiite Islam is one of the most important religious celebrations in the Shiite world, drawing millions of pilgrims to the holy city of Karbala, Iraq. This year, the Arbaeen ceremony was also a political skirmish — the latest... Read more
Saudi Arabia Announces Unified Visa System for Haj, Umrah
Saudi Arabia now charging SR300 ($80) for multiple entry visa valid for one year Previously an Umrah pilgrim had to pay SR2,000 ($533) in case of repeating the pilgrimage during a three-year period. By Gavin Gibbon Thu 12 Sep 2019 11:25 AM Pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia for Haj... Read more
Unique Image Captured a Photograph of the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca
At a time when more than two million Muslims performed Hajj in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam, an image was taken by KhalifaSat of the Grand Mosque (Haram) is circulating the internet. The unique image captured a photograph of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca on the afternoon of the... Read more
Easter Bombings’ Effect to Sri Lanka’s Muslim
Until a few months ago, Mohammed Iliyas, was doing a thriving business in his hardware shop in western Sri Lanka. Now trade has plummeted and his losses are mounting. His shop stocks everything from paint tins to electric bulbs and is one of the better known in and around... Read more
Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Adha Religious Holiday
Eid al-Adha in Arabic literally means the ‘festival of the sacrifice’ Millions of Muslims around the world are celebrating the Eid al-Adha religious holiday on Sunday. Eid al-Adha, which in Arabic literally means the “festival of the sacrifice”, commemorates the story of the Muslim Prophet Ibrahim’s test... Read more
Muslims Across the World Arrive in Mecca as Part of Hajj Pilgrimage
Some 2.5 Muslims from across the world are expected to arrive in Mecca, Saudi Arabia by Friday, as part of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. One of the five pillars of Islam, every Muslim that is physically and financially capable of doing so is required at least once in their... Read more
Indian Man Performed Hajj 25 Times Since 1994 and is Now Back in Makkah to Perform his 26th Haj
Indian national Taqiullah Khan performed Haj for the first time in 1994. The Bengaluru resident, now 62, has undertaken the journey 24 times in as many years ever since. Khan is now back in Makkah to perform his 26th Haj. Khan has also performed the lesser pilgrimage, Umrah, an... Read more
Both Christians and Muslims are Harassed in The World
Religious restrictions are on the rise across the globe upon increasing violations and harassment involving religion, a recent report from the Pew Research Center indicates. The report revealed on Monday that restrictions on religion have been on a rising trend from 2007 to 2017 in both what it classified... Read more
Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Policies Provoke Groups of Muslims Across the World to Boycott this Year’s Hajj
Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s policies have prompted large groups of Muslims across the world to boycott this year’s Hajj ceremony, a new report suggests, citing concerns that Riyadh may use the revenues from the pilgrimage to pursue the young prince’s destructive foreign policies, including his deadly... Read more
Egypt Calls on Auction House Christies to Cancel the Sale of a 3,000-year-old Bust of Ancient Boy-King Tutankhamun
Egypt has called on auction house Christies to cancel the sale of a 3,000-year-old bust of ancient boy-king Tutankhamun. The country’s foreign ministry claims that the bust was probably stolen during the 1970s from a temple. The 28 cm (11in) bust is due to go on sale in London... Read more