DHAKA (THE DAILY STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Child marriage is an aberration that has permeated the boundaries of nationality, religion and race. Be it in Africa, Middle East, Latin America or Asia, child marriage nips the dreams of young girls in the bud. One in five girls in the... Read more
BEIJING • A father in Beijing who sent a helicopter to his daughter’s school for a science assignment has triggered heated discussions online. A netizen posted photos last week showing pupils playing near a helicopter parked in a primary school playground. According to the netizen, the helicopter was sent... Read more
Sea and Sand Park at Souq Al Wakrah Proves to be the Perfect Destination for Qatar Families
Arabiaday.com recently took a visit to Souq Al Wakrah to experience Sea and Sand Park. As a short introduction, I am Zara-Ivani and I’m 12 years old, from Hollywood, California, USA. I’ve lived in Doha for 11 years, so I know Qatar well. To sum up our visit: I... Read more
Parents and children interact less when reading electronic books together than printed ones, a study suggests. Researchers from the University of Michigan found parents talked more about the technology than content when using electronic books. With print, the frequency and quality of interactions were better, said lead author Dr... Read more
20 Things Your Babysitter Secretly Wants You to Know
When a toddler is having a tantrum… Kamelia Ilieva/Shutterstock …my favorite trick is to stay calm, get down at their level, and start talking really softly. They’ll quiet down just so they can hear what I’m saying. Check out these 11 more ways to stop toddler tantrums in their... Read more
Medical News Today: Growing up in a green area may help support mental health
New research from Aarhus University in Denmark suggests that people who have grown up in close contact with nature are much less likely to develop mental health problems in adulthood than peers who had less access to green space as children. Did you grow up in a green area?... Read more
Medical News Today: How to treat eye discharge in newborns
Eye discharge is common in newborns and is commonly due to a blocked tear duct. A person can often treat an infant with a blocked tear duct at home. However, discharge that occurs alongside other symptoms in the eye area, such as redness, swelling, or tenderness, may be a... Read more