Algerian Army Chief Accuses Morocco of ‘Conspiracies’
ALGIERS: Algeria’s army chief accused neighboring Morocco of conspiring against his country and vowed a “rigorous, firm” response, in a speech he delivered on Tuesday at an army base near their border. “This expansionist regime has gone too far in its conspiracies and subversive propaganda campaigns, which aim to... Read more
Yemen PM Returns to Aden Amid Protests, Plunging currency
AL-MUKALLA: As Yemen’s prime minister touched down on Tuesday in the port city of Aden for the first time in months, thousands of Yemenis took to the streets of the southern city of Taiz and many other cities to protest against the country’s plunging currency and skyrocketing prices. Maeen... Read more
Syrian Parties to Return to Constitutional Talks in October
NEW YORK: Parties to the conflict in Syria will return to the negotiating table in October to discuss a new constitution, Geir Pederson, UN special envoy for the country, said on Tuesday. However, UN Security Council members have warned that obstacles remain to a political resolution to the conflict.... Read more
Iran says UN Nuclear Watchdog’s Claim ‘Not Accurate’
TEHRAN: Iran on Monday rejected a complaint by the UN nuclear watchdog that it was blocked from a nuclear site, arguing that the facility was exempt from a recent agreement. The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Sunday it had been denied “indispensable” access to the TESA... Read more
Probe Into Beirut Blast Frozen Over Judge Impartiality Suit
BEIRUT: A probe into the Beirut port blast was frozen on Monday when a former minister wanted for questioning as a suspect filed a case questioning the lead investigator’s neutrality, a judicial source said. The Aug. 4, 2020 Beirut port blast killed hundreds, injured thousands and destroyed large swathes... Read more
Israel Releases Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar From Prison
RAMALLAH: Israeli authorities on Sunday released from jail Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar after two years in detention. Jarrar, 58, was sentenced to two years in March 2021 for belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which Israel and the United States label a “terrorist” organization.... Read more
Iraqi Leader Barham Salih Tells UNGA: ‘Corruption and Terrorism Work in Tandem’
NEW YORK: Cooperation and solidarity is the world’s “only choice” in the fight against global terrorism, Iraqi President Barham Salih said. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Salih told fellow world leaders that his country had been dogged by wars and genocides over the past 40 years. “We have... Read more
Oman Resumes Friday Prayers in Mosques Following More Than Yearlong Closure
Oman’s mosques reopen for Friday prayers today, after a closure that lasted more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, national daily Times of Oman reported. The decision came after a “noticeable decrease in the curve of COVID-19 cases,” the report added. Oman’s coronavirus supreme committee issued the... Read more
Libyan Leader to Hold International Conference on Country’s Security, Stability
WASHINGTON: The chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya on Thursday said he would be staging an international conference next month to gain backing for efforts to bring stability and security to the country. Mohammed Al-Menfi revealed that security, military, and economic issues would top the agenda of the... Read more
Sudan’s Military Strikes Out at Civilian Politicians After Coup Attempt
KHARTOUM: Sudanese military leaders said on Wednesday the civilian politicians they share power with had opened the door to a coup attempt by neglecting public welfare while they were consumed by internal squabbles. A body known as the Sovereign Council has ruled Sudan under a fragile power-sharing deal between... Read more