US Warns China Ships Carrying Iran Oil
It is not clear what the Trump administration could do to stop the tankers from turning off transponders The White House has warned Chinese shipping companies against turning off their ships’ transponders to hide Iranian oil shipments in violation of United States sanctions, two senior administration... Read more
Saudi Arabia and Iran May Finally be Ready for Rapprochement
The Iranian-owned oil tanker that was hit in Red Sea waters off the coast of Saudi Arabia on October 11 is seen two days after the incident The October 11 attack on an Iranian oil tanker in Red Sea waters off the coast of Saudi Arabia stoked further friction in a region... Read more
Turkish President Erdogan Rejects US Ceasefire Call
  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected a US call for an immediate ceasefire in northern Syria, saying Turkey’s offensive will continue. His comments come as US Vice-President Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo prepare to fly to Turkey to try to broker a truce.... Read more
Saudi Arabia Warms to Russia’s Embrace
Once it would have been almost unthinkable: a red carpet roll-out in Riyadh for a Russian leader. “Those Godless Communists” is how some of Saudi Arabia’s more devout citizens once referred to the Soviets during the Cold War. How the world has changed since then. This week has seen... Read more
Winners and Losers in Trump’s Troop Withdrawal From Syria
An earlier version of this article was published on Dec. 21, after President Trump said he wanted to withdraw American troops from Syria. President Trump’s abrupt announcement last week that the United States would withdraw its troops from northeastern Syria has already begun to shift the power dynamic in... Read more
Trump to Impose Sanctions, Stop Trade Deal with Turkey
A Turkish army armoured vehicle advances in Syrian city of Tel Abyad, as seen from the Turkish border town of Akcakale US President Donald Trump on Monday said that in response to Turkey’s operation in northeast Syria he will soon issue an executive order authorising sanctions... Read more
Russian President Putin Visits Saudi Arabia in Sign of Growing Ties
Russian President Vladimir Putin with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Saudi Arabia in his first trip to the kingdom in over a decade, signing oil agreements and discussing regional security, in particular, Saudi Arabia’s ongoing rivalry with Iran. A mounted guard escorted Putin’s... Read more
Iran Arrests Opposition Figure ‘Directed by French Intel’
The Revolutionary Guard is a major component of Iran’s armed forces, numbering around 125,000 personnel Iran has arrested an opposition figure who had been “directed by France’s intelligence service” and he is now in custody in the Islamic Republic, the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Monday.... Read more
Saudi Nationals Can Now Visit 63 Countries Without a Visa
Out of all 200 countries in the world, you’re going to be surprised to know that with your Saudi passport you can now visit 63 countries without a prior visa. Those countries are welcoming you now with open arms, so you have absolutely no excuse to stop you from grabing your... Read more
Senior UAE Official in Tehran on Secret Mission: MEE
Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been visiting Tehran on a secret mission, MEE reported The national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, Tahnoun bin Zayed, has been visiting Tehran on a secret mission aiming to defuse the tensions in the Gulf, a senior security... Read more