Jerusalem Holds International Arts & Crafts Festival
Hutzot HaYotzer, Jerusalem’s annual International Arts and Crafts Festival is taking place now until August 24. The event is being held at the Sultan Pool on Sunday-Thursday from 6-11 pm, and on Saturday night beginning from 9 pm to midnight. The exhibit includes works by artists from around the... Read more
Egypt Displays Restoration of Tutankhamun Gilded Coffin
Egypt yesterday displayed the gilded coffin of Tutankhamun, under restoration for the first time since the boy king’s tomb was discovered in 1922. The restoration process began in mid-July after the three-tiered coffin was transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo from the Valley of the Kings... Read more
Inside Birchbark Books & Native Arts
MINNEAPOLIS — Look up when you enter Birchbark Books & Native Arts and you’ll spot a handcrafted canoe hanging above the table of current and favorite books. An intricately carved Catholic confessional hugs a wall, although according to the store’s frequently asked questions page, it was renamed a “forgiveness... Read more
Visitor Who Appeared to be an Arab Man Attacks Egyptian Mummy at Cairo Museum
Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has opened an investigation after an ancient mummy preserved in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum was attacked by a visitor. The Egyptian Museum’s director filed a complaint to the ministry demanding an investigation after video evidence of a visitor attacking the mummy appeared online. Sabah Abdel Razek... Read more
National Museum of Qatar Launches Summer Programme
The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) has launched a series of workshops and demonstrations to celebrate the important role of traditional crafts in Qatar. Taking inspiration from the objects on display in the museum galleries, the workshops focus on design and decorative patterns that are typical of local craftsmanship... Read more
Heritage Week Transforms Palestinian City of Birzeit
Birzeit Heritage Week wrapped up over the weekend. For four consecutive nights, the West Bank city’s Old Town was filled with art, song, dance, antiquities, books and workshops presented by locals as well as rural Palestinian communities and municipalities. Heritage Week was organized by the Rozana Association for the... Read more
Egypt Starts Restoration Work on the Golden-Plated Sarcophagus
The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced that experts have started restoration work on the golden-plated sarcophagus of Egypt’s 18th dynasty boy-king Tutankhamun. It marks the first time that such a project has been initiated since the discovery of the tomb in 1922, which was found untouched. The coffin and... Read more
Summer Program Begins at Arts School of Silwan
The summer program at the Arts School of Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood in the eastern part of Jerusalem, has begun. The program includes music lessons on oud, violin, percussion, qanoun, guitar and piano, in addition to theoretical courses and choirs. Students will also learn the basic steps and techniques... Read more
Discover Poland and its Culture, Food and Nightlife
Once an industrial centre, the city has been reinvigorated by a focus on the arts, a diverse food scene and plenty of lively bars Building on the past … the Manufaktura museum and leisure complex in Łodź, which was once an industrial area. Photograph: Luis Dafos/Alamy ‘If it doesn’t... Read more
Egypt Unveils Program to Teach Children Hieroglyphics
Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, in cooperation with multiple public libraries, has launched an initiative to teach traditional Egyptian hieroglyphics to children. The two-month program includes lectures and workshops to teach youngsters the ancient writing and deepen their knowledge about their heritage and culture. It will take place at nine... Read more